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Joe Bataan – New York City

Joe Bataan was born Bataan Nitollano and grew up in New York City. The son of a Filipino mother and African American father, Latin soul pioneer Joe Bataan grew up among Puerto Ricans in East Harlem, New York.

His soulful voice and creative arrangements on songs like Subway Joe (1968), recorded on the FANIA record label, appealed to a diverse audience. In the era of the bugalú and Latin soul, he became a leading innovator in the blending of African American and Latin Caribbean styles.

Joe Bataan is one of a small group of performers that transcends stereo types. His musical legacy spans more that four decades starting with Gypsy Woman in 1966 through the 17 albums that   he has done up to date. He fused Latin-African, Soul and Do Wop to create the sound called “Latin Soul”

In 1973, he helped coin the phrase “Salsoul”, lending its name to his first post-Fania album. Along with the Cayre brothers, Kenneth, Stanley, and Joseph, he co-founded the Salsoul label, though later sold out his interest. He recorded three albums for Salsoul and several singles, including “Rap-O Clap-O” from 1979 which became an early hip hop hit. After his 1981 album, Bataan II, he retired from music-making to spend more time with his family and ended up working as a youth counselor in one of the reformatories he himself had spent time in as a teenager. In 2005, Bataan broke his long hiatus with the release of Call My Name, a well-received album recorded for Spain’s Vampisoul label.

In early 2009, Bataan was featured in the Kenzo Digital-produced “beat cinematic” City of God’s Son. Bataan was featured as the narrator of the story, playing the part of an older Nas reflecting upon his youth in the street with cohorts Jay-Z, Ghostface Killah, Biggie and Raekwon.

His recent induction into the Smithsonian Institute as a national treasure and the unveiling of his portrait at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC is a testimonial to his enduring legacy. Joe continues to captivate audiences all over the world but it is in New York where he comes from, El Barrio in Spanish Harlem that gives him his foundation.

Joe Bataan will be performing for the very first time ever in Texas and we can’t wait to host him in the Lone Star State!

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