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2019 Workshops


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2019 Saturday Workshop Schedule
TIME Ballroom (A) Ballroom (B) Ballroom (c)
11am Erin De Phunk: Popping & Grooves Lorenz Latin Dance: Dynamic (NY style)
Mambo On2
Edwin Rivera & Emily Alabi: Cha Cha Fusion
12pm Almendra & Richie: Mambo Footwork  Johnny & Andres: Cha Cha Cha: Footwork with Flavor  Christian Franco: Kizomba/Urban Kizomba
1pm  Open Practice Junior & Emily: ElectroSalsa Luis & Victoria: Zouk 101

Bootcamp (Part 1)

2pm  La Cindy: Latin House Fusion  Edwin Rivera: Smooth Moves Partnering On2 Luis & Victoria: Zouk 101

Bootcamp (Part 1)

3pm Roberto Lay & Isabelle: Bachata Hip-Hop Fusion Karla Blanco: Afro-Latin Movement

 Favian Bustos: BachaZouk

4pm  Roberto Lay & Isabelle: Bachata Hip-Hop Fusion  Almendra & Richie: Mambo Partnerwork Favian Bustos: BachaZouk

3PM-5PM Saturday Splash Pool Party

2019 Sunday Workshop Schedule
TIME Ballroom (A) Ballroom (B) Ballroom (c)

Rubia Garcia: Dominican Bachata Footwork

Johnny & Andres: Intricate Salsa Footwork On1

Luis & Victoria: Zouk 101
Bootcamp (Part 2)


Daniel & Daisy: Contemporary Bachata Fusion Footwork

Kike & Xiomar: Cabaret Salsa

Favian Bustos: BachaZouk Bootcamp


Lorenz Latin Dance: Bachata Sensual

Junior & Emily: Complex Turn Patterns

Favian Bustos: BachaZouk Bootcamp

2pm Roberto Lay & Isabelle: Urban Bachata

Almendra & Richie: Mambo Footwork Combo Fusión

Luis & Victoria: Signature

Bachata Patterns

3pm Sarah Vazquez: Sensual Bachata Styling with Heels

Edwin Rivera: The Evolution of Mambo & Salsa Seminar

Luis & Victoria: Signature

Bachata Patterns

3PM-5PM Sunday Fun Day Pool Party


Class Titles & ClassDescriptions
Almendra & Richie Mambo Footwork: This workshop will provide a development of the skills of the dance genre. Shines + body movement (weight changes, dissociation, syncopation, levels of difficulty in the count and on the dance floor.) Mambo Partner work: This workshop will focus on couple development and dancing abilities. This includes combinations and techniques as well as notions on how to improve leading and following. Mambo Footwork Combo Fusión: This is the ultimate Mambofootwork workshop. It’s a Men vs Ladies footwork thrown down! Men will learn a footwork choreography from Richie and ladies will learn one from Almendra. In the end, which footwork choreography will be the best? Will it be the ladies? Or will it be the men?
Junior & Emily Alabi Electro Salsa: You will be learning fun, creative, and unique choreography while dancing to today’s top hit music! Not only will we give a workshop, we will also provide an experience to help spark creativity and embrace self expression. Complex Turn Patterns: Complex looking turn patterns made easy. Dancers will acquire new innovative tools that will elevate their spins to vast new levels. In this workshop, you will learn techniques that will take simple turn patterns and make them look complex and intricate.
Edwin Rivera The Evolution of Mambo & Salsa Seminar: Let Edwin take you on a mambo journey through Cuba, Puerto Rico & New York City. Dating back all the way to the 1930’s. Attendees will learn the history of mambo music & dance, its founders and how it evolved to what it is today! Smooth Moves Partnering On2: Ladies & Gents get ready as Edwin will teach smooth partner work that will sure put a smile on any ladies face. Ladies will also have a better understanding on the fundamentals of following while the men learn to always take care of their partner on the dance floor.
Johnny & Andres Giraldo Intricate Salsa Footwork On1: Learn some signature Salsa y Control footwork. This workshop starts with some isolations that will help you improve your balance, accuracy and speed of your footwork. Then, we will work on a combination that will be challenging, yet fun, where the connection to the music will be as important as mastering the movement. Cha Cha Cha Footwork with Flavor: The Cha Cha Cha is one of the most playful rhythms from Cuba. We will be covering the fundamental structure and timing of the Cha Cha Cha steps and then going over some footwork combinations that will add flavor and soul to your overall dancing.
Lorenz Latin Dance Dynamic (NY Style) Mambo On2: This workshop will be an open level class which will focus on practical entry level turn patterns and will reinforce proper technique and timing principles. Bachata Sensual: This is a comprehensive workshop that will instruct proper floorcraft and technique in a fun and sexy open level Bachata class.
Roberto Lay & Isabelle Bachata Hip-Hop Fusion: Workshop Description: This is a fun and energetic class that fuses elements of Hip-Hop and Bachata creating a unique and energetic style. In this class you will learn an intermediate level Choreography which will challenge you and take you out of your comfort zone. It’s a funky fusion in which you can express yourself and take with you to the dance floor. Urban Bachata: Sensual Bachata with an UrbanTwist. Dancers well learn some sexy and smooth turn patterns which incorporate some elements of Hip-Hop that give it an Urban feel. This is a fun and energetic class catered to all levels.
Luis & Victoria Zouk 101: This fundamental beginner/intermediate bootcamp will cover the Zouk basics from the ground up. Beginning with Weight changes as a means of connecting, then continuing upward with “the hug “to gaining connection. The bootcamp will also cover counter connection vs absence lead style of connection. Finally, the class will go over basics,Lateral, simple turn, boomerang, yo yo, elástico, passive vs active head movement and intention/direction. Signature Bachata Patterns: This workshop is a selection of Luis & Victoria’s most popular patterns that can be used to lead and be followed while social dancing.

These patterns create a conversation throughout the dance, but allow self-expression, while maintaining a balance between respect, sensuality and understanding the mechanics behind the movements to get a better understanding of your body, body awareness & why things happen.

Daniel & Daisy Contemporary Bachata Fusion Footwork: Students will gain new footwork knowledge with styling for both genders and be able to express through contemporary music. In this workshop dancers will learn footwork adaptable to social dancing settings.
Karla Blanco Afro-Latin Movement: Techniques are offered in this class to develop African Caribbean movements and apply them in general dance. Afro Latin Movement focuses on intensive Afro Latin style and body isolation’s to achieve maximum potential for body movement, musicality, and fluidity of motion.
Kike & Xiomar Cabaret Salsa: This workshops focuses on one of the most important techniques and bases for acrobatics in dancing. This is of extreme importance for all.The class will teach the origins of the cabaret technique. In addition, students, both men and women, will be prepared for life to make their own innovative aerobatic moves, which will be complementary to those already in existence.
Erin De Phunk Popping & Grooves: This workshop will provide the fundamentals of popping and will give participants the tools they need to improve their body control, while incorporating grooves. The skills obtained in this workshop will allow for improvement in musicality in any genre.
La Cindy Latin House Fusion: This workshop will provide and demonstrate the foundation steps to house dance and will show how to fuse Latin movement into each step. Dancers will be able to take fundamental house steps and create new steps from that foundation while adding in Latin flavor. This class is open to all levels and will be an infusion of dances that you don’t want to miss out on!
Christian Franco Kizomba / Urban Kizomba: This workshop will discuss a brief history of Kizomba dance, music, and the basic steps in Kizomba. Students can expect drills on how to walk with their partner, timing variations, and basic musicality. In addition,students with a background knowledge in Kizomba will learn accent moves to add to their basic steps, saidas and pasadas.
Favian Bustos BachaZouk Bootcamp: Favian is excited to bring this BachaZouk Bootcamp for all of the Texas Salsa Congress to enjoy. This bootcamp will dive deep into Bachata and Zouk-influenced body movement, lead/follow technique, partnerwork, & musicality.Participants will learn how to evolve leading and following in relation to evolving music and be able to add new connection techniques and partnerwork to their favorite classic Bachatas. Come with questions and don’t be afraid to open your world to a new layer of movement to inspire your Bachata to the next level!
Cue Media Academy Rock the 1’s & 2’s: DJ’ing Workshop: TBA
Rubia Garcia Dominican Bachata Footwork: The workshop will be centered around Dominican Bachata footwork principles and footwork shines/patterns.



Our Story

It started as an idea between friends, bringing a congress to Texas where at the time Texas had no active congress in the entire state. A congress that would showcase Texas Salsa talent, bring awareness of salsa to the community and raise money for scholarships. Together David Melendez and Ruby Rivera worked hard and in January 2004, the Texas Salsa Congress was born.

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