, Houston, TX When:

2013 Performers

2013 Performers
March 8
March 9
March 10
Gifted Souls – Philadelphia, PA
Klave FX Kids – Brownsville, TX
Jr. Heartbreak Boyz – Bronx, NY
Gifted Souls – Dallas, TX
reKreation – Vinny & Valerie – Houston, TX
Baby Sweethearts – Bronx, NY
reKreation – Beto & Cristina – Houston, TX
Y & M Dance – Dallas, TX
Tallahassee Mambo Project – Tallahassee, FL
Next Revolution – Baytown, TX
Liquid Rhythm – New Orleans, LA
Mambo Violento – Unknown
Seduxion – Dallas, TX
Hustle and Salsa Houston (Semi Pro) – Houston, TX
Agressivo – Bronx, NY
Third Coast Salseros – Corpus Christi, TX
Amir & Taina – Bronx, NY
Adrian & Melissa – Houston, TX
Sandy DeLara & Tamara Valle – Dallas, TX/Paris, France
Klave FX Girls – Brownsville, TX
Kañonazo – Houston, TX
Latin Dance Youth Society – San Antonio, TX
CaliRumba Dance Co. & Tropical Swing – Dallas, TX/Cali, Colombia
Junior & Emily – San Francisco, CA
Gifted Souls – Chicago, Illinois
Antonio Doza-Williams & Eleanee Jimenez – NYC, NY/ NJ
Marlon Lizama & Havikoro – Houston, TX
RGS Dance Fusion – Dallas, TX
Edwin Rivera – L.A./NY
Christian Sola and Marina Orlova – Orlando, FL
reKreation – Houston, TX
Eddie Torres Jr. & Destiny Garcia – Bronx, NY
Liquid Rhythm – New Orleans, LA
Movimiento Dance Co. – New York, NY
Mambo Babies – Los Angeles, CA
reKreation Girls– Houston, TX
Third Coast Salseros – Corpus Christi, TX
CaliRumba Dance Co. & Tropical Swing – Dallas, TX/Cali, Colombia
Starlite Teens – Los Angeles, CA
Klave FX – Brownsville, TX
Heartbreak Boyz & Sweethearts – Bronx, NY
Alex & Cindy – Houston, TX
Tamara Valle – Paris, France
New Angeles Salsa Kids – Los Angeles, CA
Xibuke – San Antonio, TX
Candela Latin Dance – Laredo, TX
Unified – New York, NY
reKreation Boys – Houston, TX
Heartbreak Boyz – Bronx, NY
Liquid Rhythm – New Orleans, LA
Hustle and Salsa Houston (Student Team) – Houston, TX
Fuerza Gigante – Bronx, NY
Rock’N Revolution – Baytown, TX
Take 2 – New York, NY
reKreation – Houston, TX
Texas Latin Dance – Austin, TX
Gifted Souls – Milwaukee, WI
Latinova Dance Co. – Brownsville, TX
UNT Fuego – Denton, TX
Sweethearts – Bronx, NY
Aalisai – Laredo, TX
Jose Hernandez – Puerto Rico/St. Louis, MO
reKreation Kids – Houston, TX
Gifted Souls – Chicago, IL
Latin Dance Society at UTSA – San Antonio, TX
Sensual Bachata – Tampa/Orlando, FL
Antonio Velez Music y CaliRumba Dance Co. – Dallas, TX
Unified – New York, NY
CaliRumba Co. & Tropical Swing – Dallas, TX/Cali, Colombia

*Groups not in order of performances.


Our Story

It started as an idea between friends, bringing a congress to Texas where at the time Texas had no active congress in the entire state. A congress that would showcase Texas Salsa talent, bring awareness of salsa to the community and raise money for scholarships. Together David Melendez and Ruby Rivera worked hard and in January 2004, the Texas Salsa Congress was born.

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