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2019 Workshops

Instructor Class Titles & Class Description Class Titles & Class Description
Junior & Emily Alabi Dance Differently: Providing dancers access to new ways of innovating choreography. Dancers will learn a choreographed series of moves that will be put to multiple genres of music, (Salsa, EDM, Hip Hop, Jazz) enhancing their creativity in Salsa and Beyond. Power Spins: Dancers will acquire new innovative tools that will elevate their spins to vast new levels.
Edwin Rivera Footwork Challenge: Workshop Description: Learn Edwin’s exclusive footwork created for the Texas Salsa Congress. A friendly completion will happen at the end of the class where the winner will win a… Must be there to find out. Cha Cha Fusion: Workshop Description: Edwin fuses cha cha dance rhythms with today’s electronic music. One of Edwin’s most popular classes. Music and moves you’ll witness for the very first time.
Gio & Gaby Ochoa Dips & Tricks: In this workshop, based on the students acrobatic level, from basic to advanced, step by step instructions are explained on how to perform dips & tricks. Please note that a warm-up will be provided, and no high-risk stunts will be performed which would endanger the student participants and put at risk their integrity or health.” Salsa On1: This is a two part workshop. One part is shines and the other Partnerwork. In this workshop students can learn combinations for social dancing and freestyle steps. Students will learn step by step how to execute the techniques to be used in performances and social dancing.”
Vladi Aragon & Carla Capo Sensual Bachata: Body Manipulations: Workshop Description: Learn the magic behind body manipulations. How do you suggest a move so settle that makes your partner follow everything you ask for. Sensual Bachata: Connection Partnerwork: Master the art of creating connection with your partner. Learn how to create those unforgettable dances through physical, musical and mental connection.
Felix Santiago & Diangelis Rosa Puerto Rican Partnering On2: Learn the roots of Puerto Rican salsa along with unique partnering and styling that will help put “”Sazon”” in your dance.” Salsa Fusion: A unique blend of Salsa & afro Cuban movement fused with today’s hip-hop & Latin Trap moves.”
Rodrigo & Wendy “RW Latin Dance” Salsa Footwork & Intricate Patterns On1: Creative and fun footwork sequences that will give the dancers the opportunity to express musical accents, gain speed and cleanliness of movement. The intricate patterns will expose them to new and efficient ways of leading and following, adjusting themselves to a variety of partners on the dance floor. “Sensual Bachata Fusion “”Deepen your Connection””: Workshop Description: Touching base on the importance of leading and following dips and body movements in a variety of partner work sequences to challenge and push the boundaries of possibilities and also maintaining a deeper sense of connection between partners.”
Richard Segui Kizomba Foundational Patterns:
foundational kizomba patterns will be implemented on the hills of the prior class. Patterns such as corridinho, saida mujer, saida hombre, virgula & much more depending on students ability to grasp material. This is class builds on the foundation of 101 taught previously although active social dancers with sound foundations would be equally welcome without prerequisite.”
Intro to Semba: In this class we will build on foundational drills taught prior to delve onto the fast paced nature of semba which by nature is more festive & energetic. One can think of semba as kizomba on steroid. Students therefore must have solid kizomba foundation or taken prior drill class at the very least in order to take full advantage of this class.
Luis Loredo & Victoria Calamusa Zouk Foundations: Weight Changes & Counter Balance: An intro class to Zouk, this workshop will demonstrate connection exercises and will go over how to create the connection before starting the basics of Zouk. Students will learn what is needed to “carry a conversation” through the dance as well as demonstrate how to use weight changes as a means of connection. Zouk Movements: In this workshop, students will learn the essential Zouk movements. These body movements include: forward and back basics, lateral moves, simple turns and boomerang.
Luis Loredo & Victoria Calamusa BachaZouk: Flow & Creating Shapes: This two-hour workshop encompasses the fusion of zouk and bachata. Students will learn counterbalance connection while dancing to create shapes and flowing movements throughout their body. Students will learn proper beginning and end movements while using their bodies axis to connect with their shoulder line, frame and spine.  
Maria Ramos Womanity: Womanity is a unique style of dance created by Maria Ramos that infuses all forms of feminine movement. It is for anyone looking to improve their ladies styling and strength as an individual dancer while also bringing sexy, fun moves to their Salsa, Bachata and Hip Hop. Grow as a social dancer and perform with edge – this style is about challenging yourself, getting outside your comfort zone and no limitations. All dancers are welcome.  
Christian Franco Bootcamp: Kizomba / Urban Kizomba: This workshop will discuss a brief history of Kizomba dance, music, and the basic steps in Kizomba. Students can expect drills on how to walk with their partner, timing variations, and basic musicality. In addition, students with a background knowledge in Kizomba will learn accent moves to add to their basic steps, saidas and pasadas.  
De’Jon Polanski & Rubia Garcia Dominican Bachata Footwork: The workshop will be centered around Traditional Dominican Bachata principles and footwork shines/patterns. Introduction and ice breaker, warm up, tips from initial assessment of the level during warm-up, pattern and record demo. This is an extremely fun, high energy workshop.  
De’Jon Polanski & Jennifer Geyer Salsa On2 AfroMambo Fusion: This workshop will include Salsa On2 Partner Work/Footwork and Afro-Cuban Body movement jam packed into one hour of constant high energy instruction and repetition.  
Daniel & Daisy – Team DoubleDs Inovación de Bachata: Emphasizing on the art of connection of leading/following and awareness of your partner, this workshop is designed to teach students social friendly partner work that can be learned in class and applied straight to the dance floor. By incorporating options for styling for both male and female, students will be able to creatively apply their new knowledge to social friendly partner work with ease!  
Karla Blanco Ladies Styling & Shines On2: In this workshop students will learn the tools and techniques needed to control and balance their movements via the use of their arms, legs and overall general body. The knowledge of how to use these movements will be incorporated with musicality. Students will learn how to apply the flow and “sabor” of their body to any form of music. In addition to increased movement knowledge, students will be able to work on their musical timing to bring everything together to show off their flavor in the correct manner.


Our Story

It started as an idea between friends, bringing a congress to Texas where at the time Texas had no active congress in the entire state. A congress that would showcase Texas Salsa talent, bring awareness of salsa to the community and raise money for scholarships. Together David Melendez and Ruby Rivera worked hard and in January 2004, the Texas Salsa Congress was born.

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