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2017 Saturday Workshop Schedule
TIME Ballroom (A) Ballroom (B)
10am  Bacharico & La Rubia: Bachata Fusion Workshop  Cristian Franco: Kizomba Bootcamp Part 1
11am  Robert & Isabel: Partner Work On2   Tamara Valle: Latin Fusion
12pm  Raymond & Jenalyn: Art of the Floor Spin  Jonathan & Jennifer Isabel: #JSquared: Bachata Connection & Musicality
1pm  Edwin Rivera: Musicality 2017 Partner Work  Karla Blanco: Rumba Cubana/ Afro Movement
2pm  Chris & Tara: Shine Break-Away Styling  Blanca Flores: Cha Cha Cha/Hip-Hop Fusion
3pm  Junior & Emily: Dance Differently  
4pm  Ray Barretto Jr. Seminar  Ray Barretto Jr. Seminar
2017 Sunday Workshop Schedule
TIME Ballroom (A) Ballroom (B)
11am  Tamara Valle: Urban Bachata Footwork   Edwin Rivera: Pachanga Fusion
12pm  Rafael & Tiffany: Social & Turn Patterns On2  Raymond & Jenalyn: Social & Turn Patterns On1
1pm  CaliRumba: Cali Style Partner Work  Robert & Isabel: New York Style Shines
2pm  Bacharico & La Rubia: Dominican Bachata Footwork   Junior & Emily: Power Spins  
3pm  Jonathan & Jennifer Isabel: #JSquared: Bachata Leading & Following Techniques   Jariel Garcia – Mambo Combo Footwork & Partnering On2


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2017 Workshop Descriptions

Junior & Emily Alabi
Title: Dance Differently
Workshop Description: Providing dancers access to new ways of innovating choreography
Dancers will learn a choreographed series of moves that will be put to multiple genres of music, (Salsa, EDM, Hip Hop, Jazz) enhancing their creativity in Salsa and Beyond.
Title: Power Spins
Workshop Description: Dancers will acquire new innovative tools that will elevate their spins to vast new levels.

Raymond & Jenalyn Pacheco
Title: Art of the floor Spin
Workshop Description: Learn how to add some flair to your salsa performance, this is a unique workshop to learn step by step how to add the impressive floor spin to any routine.
Raymond and Jenalyn are brother and sister world salsa champions and have been perfecting their easy to learn lessons where anyone can learn in 1 hour how to transition into floor spins and end in an impressive pose.

Title: Social & Turn Patterns On1
Workshop Description: This workshop will focus on the technique in and out of patterns that can be interchanged or used consequently to elevate your salsa dancing for social or performance. Beginners will easily learn how to look like a pro and intermediate dancers will expand their repertoire with this unique method and approach to turn patterns.

Edwin Rivera
Title: Pachanga Fusion
Workshop Description: Pachanga fused with unique NY mambo shines & Hip-hop.
Title: Musicality 2017 Partner Work
Workshop Description: Expressing the hits, breaks & lyrics of the music through our bodies

Jonathan & Jennifer Isabel: #JSquared
Title: Bachata Connection & Musicality
Workshop Description: This bachata class focuses on how to dance bachata with partner connection and musicality. In each class, we teach individual and partnered footwork with men’s and women’s styling to create connected turn patterns that emphasize different timings and instruments. Each class can cater to all levels or a specific level of dancer. Beginners will learn the fundamentals to movement in bachata; intermediate and advanced dancers will learn new ways to improve their dance musicality and create a better dance experience with/for their partner on the dance floor.

Title: Bachata Leading & Following Technique
Workshop Description: The focus of this class will be to emphasize key fundamentals of bachata dancing; proper/clear leading and proper/mindful following. Knowing and understanding lead and follow techniques are what allows leads to be able to dance whichever style of bachata they choose and for followers to adapt and follow the leads style.

Robert & Isabel
Title: New York Style Shines
Workshop Description: Robert and Isabel are known for their New York style shines. In this class you will get a dynamic sequence of fast paced and musical footwork that is infused with elements of Afro-Cuban body movement. You can expect a class that will push and challenge you while also being a lot of fun. Robert and Isabel pride themselves on thorough instruction and this class will be no exception. You will begin with a warm-up of the body, followed by training some fundamental and classic New York shines, and the class will finish with an in depth study of a fun footwork sequence that you will be sure to pull from for your own social dancing musical expression.

Title: Partner Work On2
Workshop Description: Robert and Isabel bring a unique combination of leadable tricky patterns and strong technical foundations that make their partner work classes both fun and useful. You will leave the class with knowledge of a new and unique turn pattern and the technique in order to lead or follow it with confidence. Each class begins with a warm-up of the body and the basic steps of salsa on2 and then you will dive right in to learning an interesting pattern with a focus on timing, body movement, connection foot placement and personality. Both leads and follows will get a lot from this class with thorough guidance from both Robert and Isabel alike.

Christopher and Tara
Title: Shine Break-Away Styling
Workshop Description: Providing men and women with shine break-away techniques and styling.

Rafael & Tiffany
Title: Social & Turn Patterns On2
Workshop Description: Teaching men to lead and women to follow smooth and innovative salsa partner work.

Bacharico & La Rubia
Title: Bachata Fusion Workshop
Workshop Description: Workshop will include Traditional, Urban and Sensual Components of Bachata. High Energy Warm-Up and Introduction to begin class, footwork pattern/shine, and then partner work. Footwork and Partner work demo to end class.
Title: Dominican Bachata Footwork
Workshop Description: The workshop will be centered around Traditional Dominican Bachata footwork principles and footwork shines/patterns. Introduction and Ice Breaker, Warm Up, Tips from initial assessment of the level during warm-up, Pattern and Record Demo.

Karla Blanco
Title: Rumba Cubana/Afro Movement
Workshop Description: Basic and generic rumba steps for men and women. All students will learn body expression exercises and will leave the class with the tools to help them develop Afro movements applied to salsa.

Blanca Flores
Title: Cha Cha Cha/Hip-Hop Fusion
Workshop Description: The sensuality of cha cha meets the swag of hip hop. This workshop will teach you how to incorporate both styles together and effortlessly. You will get introduced to different techniques and moves that will flow together, helping you merge the two genres on the dance floor with ease. From beginners to advance, this class will help take your creativity to the next level, going beyond the normal cha cha steps!

Tamara Valle
Title: Latin Fusion
Workshop Description: The first part of workshop will be focusing on HOW to isolate your body and building body control to use into your social dancing for any style! The second part of workshop will be a small fun choreography which we will be focusing on these particular items (isolation and body control) and putting it into a rich musicality.

Title: Urban Bachata Footwork
Workshop Description: The workshop will be centered around R&B fused Bachata footwork combinations and choreography with a touch of hip-hop. Learn one of the popular Bachata genres while gaining confidence on the social dance floor when solo.

Title: Cali Style Partner Work
Workshop Description: This workshop will teach the unique style of Cali Style Sala and lead into partner work and choreography.


Our Story

It started as an idea between friends, bringing a congress to Texas where at the time Texas had no active congress in the entire state. A congress that would showcase Texas Salsa talent, bring awareness of salsa to the community and raise money for scholarships. Together David Melendez and Ruby Rivera worked hard and in January 2004, the Texas Salsa Congress was born.

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